Participant ASN Connections
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About SLIX

Customers can connect to SLIX at the XMission Data Center, DataBank Social Hall, Lumen Delong, or EdgeConneX. The install is comprised of supplying an SFP (1Gb), SFP+ (10Gb), QSFP (100Gb) of your choice (or paying SLIX for the purchase) and arranging a cross connect to the SLIX switch in the meet-me-rooms at the facility. If you are in the XMission Data Center, the cross connect is free.

The cost is $500/MRC per port, for either 1Gb or 10Gb, $1500/MRC per 40Gb port, or $3000/MRC per 100Gb port. There are no contracts. Once XMission receives your SFP/SFP+/QSFP, we will install you at SLIX and assign you an IPv4/IPv6 address for peering on the network.

Email us to join or for more information.

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